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Some Interesting Things to Know Before You Visit Morgan House


Morgan House

I am your EARTHTRAVELER, on my India Travel,  will take you at Morgan House, at Kalimpong, North Bengal…

It is standing on a foggy mountain tops and surrounded by the dark damn forests, hence gives “Morgan House” a haunted look.

Morgan house earthtraveler
Back view Morgan House

Geographically it is  located at Chandralok, currently a Tourist lodge. Previously known as heritage house, it is situated in the tiny hill station in West Bengal (India), nothing but a reminder of British Colonialism.

Morgan House earthtraveler
The famous Morgan House
Morgan House – History

First of all it was built in 1930′ s by jute baron George Morgan, lived there till the death of his loving Lady Morgan. A funny rumors about the spirit of Lady Morgan haunting the house, makes the lodge one of the most attracted tourist spot.

Morgan House back yard earthtraveler
Backyard view from Morgan house

The house passed into the hands of trustees after Morgan and his wife passed away.

The building switched hand for once more time when the trustees handed over its keys to the government. Hence elaborate plans were made to convert the building into a rest house in 1962. The Plan however, never saw the light of day. Instead, rather it was taken over by the tourism department 1965. Ten years later, the building came under

Mogan house lawn earthtraveler
Front Yard and lawn

the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC).

Backyard Morgan House earthtraveler
Backyard Morgan House
Morgan House Staircase earthtraveler
Wooden staircase
Morgan House Fire Place earthtraveler
Fire Place, a sign of British colonial architecture

My Morgan House Visit 

On my visit to Morgan House, I discovered the untold history and heritage etched all over this two-storied structure. The interior of the building was made of teak wood. The wooden staircase and the fire place is worth mentioning. The garden and lawn are well maintained.

Morgan House earthtraveler
View of golf course from Morgan House
Morgan House at Night
At night looks like haunted !

Morgan House Stories :

My experience was to stay over two nights with my family and friends at the lodge. Therefore one evening we had a chat with watchman (chowkidar). He told us stories about spirit of Lady Morgan (normally he told this story to every tourists). The night was a bit foggy.  We were a bit thrilled, hence enjoyed his scary story with drink. It was like a dream night to stay at Morgan House.

Morgan House window earthtraveler
Historical window, where Lady Morgan, spending hours by watching Mount Kanchenjunga
Morgan House Entrance earthtraveler
Current Entrance
Morgan House Exist earthtraveler
Morgan House Exist

We spent two nights at the House. I realized one truth about 85 years old Morgan House, it is like every walls in the house have a tale to tell, each stone were telling us some stories, therefore it is about Lady Morgan, spending hours at a window watching Mount Kanchenjunga play hide-and-seek with clouds or it includes….

Some Indian film personalities- Nargis, Om Prakash, Uttam Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar and Raj Kumar, nevertheless French and American ambassadors also spent their leisure in Morgan house by adding their lives with pure mountain air.

Coming back soon more with my India Travel experience …..


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