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Places to Visit in Dubai for Tourists

Tourist Places to See in Dubai

United Arab Emirates is a country situated in the bank of the Arabian sea. Dubai prides itself as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and also the world’s dream city indeed.

Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirate is around 150 km away from Dubai. It is known for Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Emirate Palace Hotel, Yas Island( Formula One track of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is situated here), Ferrari world and some other iconic landmarks.

Abu Dhabi has also occurred its place in the map of tourism resembling Dubai. In this year on February Mr. Narendra Modi, the honorable Prime Minister of India officially launched the foundation stone-laying ceremony for Middle East’s first traditional Hindu stone temple in Abu Dhabi. The whole temple will be built by pink limestone. The temple will incorporate all aspects and features of a traditional Hindu temple as part of a fully functional, social, cultural and spiritual complex.

The building cost will be beared by Abu Dhabi government itself. We all have a wish to visit these cities once in a lifetime. So come and let’s see how can we make that possible.

Why Dubai is Famous?
There are four reasons that Dubai is a must-see holiday destination for today with something for everyone.

1. The architectures of Dubai have always been wonders to the world. The huge number of skyscrapers glorifying the history of modern architecture. One and only seven star hotel Burj-al-Arab or the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa ( also known as Burj Dubai), artificial island like Palm Jumeirah, housing complex like Jumeirah lake Tower, Dubai World Trade Center are the wonders of Dubai. The highest numbers of skyscrapers are also situated in Dubai.

2. Dubai is the heaven for shopaholic people. At present there are 64 running shopping malls in Dubai and also nine are under construction. Only this city has plenty of stores of every popular brand. Besides that every year in November, the famous “Dubai Shopping Festival”(DSF) is held on for five months.

The main attraction of this festival is Global Village. Where you will get the stall and pavilion of every country. Also there are dress materials, electronics, furniture, kitchen appliances, gift material andmany more in Global Village. Every day cultural programs are held on pavilion of the respective country. Sale on many international are available almost for the whole year.

3. Dubai can easily dominate many other developing countries in terms of entertainment. There are all types of entertainment is available in Dubai. Beside of a huge number of water park, children’s park, public, beach, zoo, sea-beach there are also every type of movie hall, arrangements of long drive, dolphin show, paragliding, scuba diving, balloon ride, limousine ride. A plenty of apartment house, hotels from two star to seven star are glorifying this city.

All veg and non-veg cuisine like Indian, Pakistani, Sri lankan, Bangladeshi, Arabian, Europian, Mexican, Thai, American, Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese are available in Dubai. It is said that this city doesn’t sleep.

4. Cultural diversity is the main characteristic feature of Dubai. People from almost every country have gathered in Dubai. There are 14% of the total number of population are the actual native of Dubai. Cultural variations of all the countries have created a mixed culture in Dubai and this made a small world.

Inspite of being a muslim country secularism gets more importance in Dubai. The people from all religions worship their religion and dwells together. The law system of this country is very strict that’s why people can roam anywhere in the country without any hesitation. For all this above mentioned reasons this city is so much popular among tourists and they are always welcomed by the city.

The Main attractions of Dubai & Abu Dhabi:  

1. Burj Khalifa : Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world. Tourists can witness the whole Dubai city from the top of Burj Khalifa.

2. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque : This is the cemetery of Abu Dhabi’s ruler and first president. The design and the architecture of the mosque always astonishes tourists. The mosque has the permission for the entry of people of all religion.

3. Shopping Mall : There are so many shopping malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which are always wonders to the tourists. The main two of them ate Dalma Mall and Dubai City Mall. This two main attraction of Dubai mall are popular for its huge aquarium, light and sound show in the evening.

4. Al Fahidi District :  “Bar Dubai” is mainly famous for it’s old Arabian buildings and culture. Small buildings, narrow lane, shops of mats, Dubai museum and art gallery are glorifying the Arabic culture.

5. Night Life : The night life in Dubai is the main attraction. There are huge numbers of outlets, pubs, bars, night clubs, sea lounge, karaoke joint, live music joint, glam club, disco, dance club, ladies club, super clubs. Another attraction in every joint is the budget-friendly happy hours where you will get every entertainment at half of its original price at a particular time of the day. Really this city never sleeps.

6. Burj- al- Arab: It is the first milestone of the historical revolution of Dubai. The first seven-star hotel on an artificial man-made island. The interior decorating of Burj-al-Arab is a bliss to the eye. Dancing fountain, underwater restaurant, vast aquarium and huge helipad are the prime attractions. If you are not booking the rooms then you need to preserve a table in order to enjoy the restaurant.

7. Emirate Palace Hotel: This seven-star hotel in Abu Dhabi is the costliest hotel in the world. It has its own helipad and all luxury amenities. A large part of the interior decoration is made up of Swarovski crystal which attracts the tourists.

8. Yash Island (Abu Dhabi Grand Prix), Ferrari world, Yash water tower: These three attractions of Dubai are wonders. A ride to world-famous Formula One track in Yash Island, underwater adventure in Yash Water World, Furious experience in Ferrari world is the main showstoppers.

Besides all these, there are also miracle garden, Dubai hall of fem, Bollywood theme park, dolphinarium, Kidzania, Underwater zoo/sky Dubai, Lost chambers, rail rides which attracts the tourists.

The other two attractions of Dubai are..
1. Desert Safari
2. Dhow Cruise Dinner
One can enjoy a safari in the sand for the whole evening by four-wheeler car with an experienced driver. Then can witness the sunset in the desert. In the evening Bar-B-Q chicken and hookah can be enjoyed beside the camp with Arabic belly dancing. At night you can go back to the hotel & stay for the whole night.

If you want to go for Dhoe Cruise Dinner you need to make an advanced booking. A family dinner at the decorated launch restaurant which roams in the water of Dubai Creek can be fascinating to everyone.

If anyone wants to go for Yacht charter boats, Small, medium, large every types of the yacht are available for booking.

Some necessary information:
Languages: Arabic/ English
Currency: Dirhams (U.A.E). In Indian currency, one Dirhams is equal to seventeen rupees and fifty paise. There are a large number of ATM machines all over the city. A credit card is accepted all over from taxi to seven-star hotels to small grocery shops.
Visa: From 14 day’s tourist visa, to visit visa for three months can be get.14 day visa will cost around 6000/- to 8000/-, and three months visa will cost around 18000 to 22000. Emirates and Etihad airlines help to get the visa. Besides that Earthtraveler Voyager( a Kolkata based Travel agency) also can help in this matter.
Time Difference: the time difference between Kolkata and Dubai is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Kolkata is one and half hours ahead of Dubai.
Perfect time to visit Dubai: From the end of November to the end of March. The weather is pleasant at this particular time of the year.

How to go ?
From Kolkata, daily emirate airline’s flights are available which lands at Dubai and also Etihad airline’s flight is available which lands at Abu-Dhabi. The fare is competitively lower in the months of January and February. Besides that, there are many Indian and international flights which depart from Delhi and Mumbai and lands at Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Mobile Phone: Mobile phones are operated by GSM 900/1800, a local sim can be arranged by passport in the local shops. The price starts from 20 dirhams. 3g/4g both phones are available. With that local Kolkata, a sim can also be used by recharging international roaming pack.

Tourist Information: 24*7 tourist information center is available in the terminal 1 and 3 of Dubai International Airport.

Trip cost to Visit Dubai :
Budget Trip:
600 to 800 Dirhams per day
-Budget hotel 300 to 400 Dirhams
– mall Indian restaurant, food court, Super Market
– Public transport, happy hour, public beach.

Midrange Trip:
800 to 1200 Dirhams per day.
-Midrange double room 500 to 800 Dirhams
– Lunch /dinner in midrange restaurant cost 80 to 100 Dirhams without alcohol.
– The main and popular attractions of Dubai 100 to 200 Dirhams.

High range Trip:
Starting from 1400 dirhams per day.
-4-star hotel room starting from 800 Dirhams.
-A 3-course meal in a luxury restaurant, with wine, starts from 400 Dirhams,
– all the main and popular attractions of Dubai including nightlife starts from 500 Dirhams.
Besides that, you can make your own customized travel plan with Earthtraveler Voyager( a Kolkata based Travel agency).

Transport: There is a huge amount of taxi ( local/ intercity), Dubai Metro, Dubai Bus, Dubai intercity bus(Abu Dhabi/ Dubai/ Sharjah). Besides that, there is also a high range of vehicles like Limousine e.t.c. The whole system is controlled by Dubai Transport Authority.

Shopping malls of Dubai: A total number of 64 malls are there in Dubai.Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Bur Juman Center mall, City center( Deira, Mirdif, Me’aisem), Festival City Mall, Ibn Battuta mall, Mercato Shopping mall, Wafi Mall, Al Ghurair City mall, Century Mall. Dragon Mart, Dubai marina mall, Dubai outlet mall, Souk al Bahar, Arabian Center, Galleria Mall, Al Etihad mall etc. are few of them.

Shopping malls of Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Mall, Dalma Mall, Al Raha Mall, Al Wahda Mall, Khalidiyah Mall, Madinat Zayed mall, Mazyad Mall, Mushrif Mall, Merina Mall, the Galleria mall, Yas mall etc.

Some famous sea beaches of Dubai: Jumeirah Beach, Mamzar Beach, Burj beach, Kite beach, Ghantoot beach, 4*4 beach, Jebel Ali beach, royal island beach are the most popular of all.

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