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Some Interesting Things to Know About Lisbon Before You Visit Here



Lisbon earthtraveler
Land of Explorrer

Lisbon,  the “Land of Explorer” as local calls it “Lisboa”. It is the capital and in addition the largest city of Portugal. Hence, by this post   EARTHTRAVELER will take you to the “Land of Explorer”.


Most noteworthy, Lisbon is also  recognized as a global city because of it’s importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education

Lisbon earthtraveler
Lisbon City

and finally tourism.

Lisbon Bridge earthtraveler
Lisbon Bridge

Especially relevant for it’s pleasantly warm weather and a stunning waterfront location. Therefore it creates a global tourism attractions.



The city has everything that consequently charm global travelers.

History / Culture

Tagus river lisbon earthtraveler
Tagus river

The history of Lisbon, revolves around its strategic geographical position at the mouth of the river Tagus.

Due to it’s spacious and sheltered natural harbor position the city historically was as an important seaport.

Lisbon City view earthtraveler
Lisbon City view

Seems like the city had long enjoyed commercial advantages with Its proximity to southern and extreme western Europe, and also with sub Saharan Africa and the America.

Portuguese architecture lisbon earthtraveler
Portuguese architecture
lisbon earthtraveler

Lisbon flourished in the 15th and 16th centuries as the center of a vast empire. Probably it was during the period of the Portuguese discoveries. Ancient evidence of the city’s wealth still be seen today by the magnificent structures built in the past.

This is a city which is rich in architecture; Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline, Baroque, Modern and postmodern constructions can be found all over the city.

Lisbon monuments earthtraveler
Lisbon monuments

The city also crossed by historical boulevards and monuments along the main thoroughfares, particularly in the upper districts.

Lisbon earthtraveler
Marque-de Pombal Square

Lisbon has a rich cultural heritage that continues to grow every day.

Most noteworthy, we can discover the legacy left by the civilizations that inhabited the city throughout the centuries and the homage paid by artists.

Lisbon is an amazing and consequently varied ancient architectural tourist destination.

Lisbon earthtraveler
Museu de Marinha in Lisbon
Lisbon earthtraveler
Triumphal Arch in Comercio Square

Lisbon Travel

We traveled through the avenues of the city and reached to the historic quarter of Belém.

Belem Tower lisbon earthtraveler
Belem Tower
Belem Tower lisbon earthtraveler
Architecture of Belem Tower

We saw the iconic Belém Tower, the Monument to the Discoveries, and in addition Jerónimos Monastery. Also along

Monument of Discoveries lisbon earthtraveler
Monument of Discoveries


the way, we hopped off at the charming Rossio Square or Comércio Square.

Monument Lisbon earthtraveler
Monument Lisbon
Jeronimos Monastery lisbon earthtraveler
Jeronimos Monastery
Oceanarium lisbon earthtraveler










Furthermore, we drove through the city and admired the views atop the 7 hills. As a result, this route unveils the oldest quarters, including Alfama and Castelo.

Lisbon Expo earttraveler
Lisbon Expo

Hence on our journey, we traveled beside the Tagus and reached  Parque das Nações. While passing by the modern part of the capital, we found contemporary attractions such as the zoo, the oceanarium, Europe’s largest indoor aquarium, and shopping malls.

Reiture, Sculpture, Lisbon earthtraveler
Reiture, Sculpture
Monument of The Heros lisbon earthtraveler
Monument of The Heros
Marque-de Pombal Square monument lisbon earthtraveler
Marque-de Pombal Square monument


Therefore we took a small window shopping break and  continued to explored the scenery of Cascais and Estoril. Furthermore we hopped on this route and headed to the white sands of Guincho Beach, for a while to recharge ourselves with Lisboa beach weather. By end of our travel, finally we visited Estoril Casino and Cascais Bay, which is also one of the most glamorous architecture  of the country.

Lisbon earthtraveler
Common transport

Lisbon, a city full of authenticity.

Due to that old customs and ancient history intermixed with

Triumphal Arch in Comercio Square lisbon earthtraveler
Triumphal Arch in Comercio Square

cultural entertainment and hi-tech innovation. In conclusion, for me Lisbon is ageless, as a result it loves company, as you’ll find out if you meet someone and ask them to explain, with lots of gestures and repetition.

Earth Traveler continue with more World travel  tales in coming part.



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